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B5 Oak Brown Burr

SKU: 200197

Where: London, UK

Botanical name: Quercus robur

Our Brown Oak is specially sourced from the Home Counties around London. It is cut from Brown Oak Burr logs which have been affected by an unusual bracket fungus, commonly known as "beefsteak" due its livid red colour. The infected wood develops brown rot, which darkens its tone to a rich, dense and very desirable hue. Provided it is harvested from the wild before the rot sets in fully this timber can be turned into fabulous sheets of highly sought after veneer.

Oaks are the most widespread, best known and probably the most loved of British native trees. They also grow across Europe, Asia and North America. They can reach heights of over 40 metres and their wood is highly prized worldwide for its resilience, strength, suppleness and gracious beauty.

Our Brown Oak Burr designs are particularly popular thanks to their distinctive colour and classic patterning, combined with a salvaged and naturally recycled appeal.


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