Bark & Rock

A5 Banana

SKU: 200214

Where: French West Indies

Botanical name: Musa acuminata

Organic, sustainable, eco-conscious style from Bark & Rock, just refill with a diary or paper as required - check our new collection of Banana veneer covered books!

Bananas don’t actually grow on trees, they’re classified as one of the largest perennial herbs in the world. Their stems, as opposed to trunks, are covered in leaves and each of these fibrous stems produces one crop of fruit before dying off. On most banana farms they would traditionally be destroyed or left to rot following fruition, releasing methane gas into the environment. Our supply however is harvested at source to create veneer.

The fibre used in the veneer production is from the core of the plant stem and originates from organically grown bananas. It ticks as many green boxes as possible in the veneer manufacturing process too with production taking place close to the farm with zero use of water, minimal use of electricity and no harmful chemicals.


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