Bark & Rock

Maple Burr

Where: North America

Botanical name: Acer macrophyllum 

Big Leaf Maple, also known as Oregon Maple is believed to have originated in Central and Western China. It now grows extensively in Canada and in the Western USA, mainly near the Pacific coast, from Southern California up to Southern Alaska.

Maple burr wood is finely grained, fairly hard and exhibits a blend of colours from salmon-pink through to light brown with a reddish tint. It has an elaborate decorative feel with detailed patterning which makes it popular for use in designer objects, fine furniture and architectural interiors as well as musical instruments.

Please note: since wood is a natural product, your Bark & Rock notebook truly is unique and is likely to differ in both pattern and shade from the photographs on our website. These are designed to be indicative of a given type of wood in general.

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