A5 Maple Bird's Eye Wood Notebook

A5 Maple Bird's Eye Wood Notebook


Maple Bird's Eye
The swirling patterns of this hardwood, which is native to Eastern Canada, look like eyes. This enchanting effect is created by depressions in the surface of the trunk. These distort the tree’s growth rings and result in a wonderfully attractive motif. Adding to the mystique, this anomaly cannot be discovered until a Maple tree is actually logged. Bird’s Eye Maple is a particularly pretty, light toned wood which has been especially popular with designers through the ages.

Please note: As wood is a natural product, your notebook will be completely unique and may differ slightly from the photos. Photo showing the inside of the book is purely an example (of Lacewood).

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All our hand crafted notebooks are easily refillable, with either lined paper, plain paper or a diary, allowing these notebooks and journals to become much-loved keepsakes that get better with age.

The wood spine is precision cut to create a flexible hinge permitting the wood grain to run from the front to the back of the book.

Each bundle of wood is expertly hand selected specially for our books. We use wood from the burr (Burl) of the tree, some of the most stunning and unusual figured woods like the Tamo Ash and classic crown cut woods like Santos Rosewood.