Great Oaks and Little Acorns

Oaks are the most widespread, best known and probably the most loved of British native trees. They also grow across Europe, Asia and North America reaching heights of over 40 metres. Oak trees live to a grand old age and are steeped in folklore and legend.

Bark and Rock Oak Leaves 2019

Their wood is highly prized worldwide for its resilience, strength, suppleness and gracious beauty. Left in its natural state it mellows in tone as it grows older adding an elegant warmth to classical and modern interiors.

Bark and Rock Blog Oak Tree 2019

Our collection of natural oak veneer designs includes hand crafted refillable notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks, photograph albums, guest/visitors books and slip cases. Each wood book is individually made to order in our workshop in the UK. Our oak designs are some of the most popular in our range and include a variety of distinctive organic patterns.

 Bark & Rock Brown Oak Burr natural wood notebook

Choose our Brown Oak Burr which is specially sourced from the Home Counties around London. It's cut from logs which have been affected by an unusual bracket fungus, commonly known as "beefsteak" due its livid red colour. The infected wood develops brown rot, which darkens its tone to a rich, dense and very desirable hue. Provided it's harvested from the wild before the rot sets in fully this timber can be turned into fabulous sheets of highly sought after veneer.

Bark & Rock Oak Cluster

Or select our Oak Cluster, which features the signature swirls of this favoured traditional wood combined with more decorative areas of intricate burr patterns in harvest tones.

Bark & Rock Limed Pippy Oak natural wood notebook

Maybe you'd prefer our Limed Pippy Oak. Pippy Oak, also known as ‘cat’s paw’ Oak, features numerous small knots, some of them in clusters right across the veneer. It's been suggested that they're formed when lush side shoots are grazed on by wildlife, only to grow back and be gnawed away again. Ranging from pale yellow through to dark honey brown Pippy Oak combines these unusual motifs with wild patterns as well as natural oak grain – this striking combination is particularly prized by designers. With this finish we've applied traditional lime across the veneer to create a whitewashed look which accentuates the beautiful patterns in the wood’s grain while giving it a naturally aged and vintage look, which brings it bang up to date.

 Bark & Rock Acorns on Wild Iced Birch Recycled Notebook pic Armadillo Central

"Large streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow." - D Everett, The Columbian Orator, 1797. The acorns weren't quite ready when we wrote this blog so we've used some of last year's for our penultimate image, which was shot on a background of Bark & Rock Wild Birch Burr, which brings us bang up to date again - from vintage looks to recycled wood. Shop the oak collection.

Bark & Rock's happy dog with Brown Oak natural wood notebook

Did someone mention shopping? No even need to leave your armchair, check all our designs via this link. Enjoy!

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