Bark & Rock

Olive Ash Burr

Where: UK and rest of Europe through to Turkey, Asia Minor, Africa, Arctic Circle

Botanical Name: Fraxinus excelsior

Olive Ash Burr is one of our most popular and characterful veneers. It is harvested from mature Ash trees, which often develop a decorative brown heart, rather than Olive trees as the wood’s slightly misleading name might suggest.

Olive Ash Burr’s look and feel is very similar to the glowing colours and swirling patterns of Olive wood, combining warm treacle tones with darker ribbons of dense browns. The porous grain structure of this attractively streaked hardwood is however quite different and serves to identify it as Ash. Both trees do in fact belong in the same family of Oleaceae which explains their wood’s resemblance.

Ash is the third most common tree in Britain, reaching heights of around 20 metres. It grows across Europe, from the Arctic Circle to Turkey as well as in Asia Minor and Africa.

Please note: since wood is a natural product, your Bark & Rock notebook truly is unique and is likely to differ in both pattern and shade from the photographs on our website. These are designed to be indicative of a given type of wood in general.


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