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Where: Amazon Rainforest, Atlantic Forest, South America

Botanical Name: Astronium fraxinifolium

Tigerwood, also known as Brazilian Tigerwood and Goncalo Alves, is native to the Amazon Rainforest, Atlantic Forest and other areas of Central and Northern South America.

This is a distinctive warm-toned wood, streaked with light and dark browns through to deep reddish-oranges, in a softly striped pattern reminiscent of a tiger’s pelt. Tigerwood has an especially fine and lustrous texture when finished.


From our range of natural woods we offer hand crafted refillable notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks, photograph albums, guest/visitors books and slip cases, each wood and stone book is individually made to order.

These are available from our stock of over 40 types wood veneers originating from 6 continents.

These wood veneers not only come from different parts of the world, but also different parts of the tree. This enables us to use veneers that incorporate features such as the highly sought after burr wood. Our woods are sourced from different cuts such as the crown cutquarter cut and rotary cut. Each cut creates a different appearance and reveals the unique beauty within the wood, an excellent example of this is the wonderful figure and pommele grain patterns.

Using wood veneer not only ensures that we can highlight a wood’s natural beauty and design but it is also a good environmental choice, as in comparison to 1 cubic meter of planked timber which obtains 20m² of usable wood, 1 cubic meter of veneer obtains 900m² usable wood. Wood is also renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Please note: As wood is a natural product, your notebook will be completely unique and may differ slightly from the photographs.


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