Bark & Rock

Walnut Figured Fulbeck Hall

Where: Fulbeck Hall, Lincolnshire, UK

Botanical name: Juglans regia

We love learning about the history of a particular tree. This magnificent 300-400 year old Walnut tree was the country’s third largest, until it was sadly blown down in the great storm of 2007. It grew in the grounds of Fulbeck Hall in Lincolnshire and is believed to be the tree under which the Duke of Wellington and Lady Georgina Fane sat during their courtship. Its richly figured wood veneer now graces our Fulbeck Walnut notebooks and albums.

Please note: since wood is a natural product, your Bark & Rock notebook truly is unique and is likely to differ in both pattern and shade from the photographs on our website. These are designed to be indicative of a given type of wood in general.


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