Bark & Rock


Where: North America, the Caribbean, Central and South America

Botanical Name: Cordia dodecandra

The striking visual beauty of Ziricote is created by the marked contrast in colouring between the heartwood and the sap which streaks through its mass. Tones range from mid to dark brown, sometimes carrying a purple or green tinge, through to black, whilst the sapwood is pale straw-coloured. 

The complexity of the grain pattern can vary from linear motifs through to swirly marbling, ‘spider-webbing’ and cloud bursts and these captivating patterns, like miniature artworks in their own right, have always attracted designers as well as makers of fine musical instruments.

Ziricote trees grow in the USA, the Caribbean and Central and South America and have reputedly been cultivated since the Mayan Empire. 

Please note: since wood is a natural product, your Bark & Rock notebook truly is unique and is likely to differ in both pattern and shade from the photographs on our website. These are designed to be indicative of a given type of wood in general.


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