Exquisite woods and personalised guestbooks in time for wedding season

At Bark & Rock we have carefully selected an exquisite wood to launch our handcrafted guestbook range. According to wedding planning website, Hitched, 69% of couples who postponed their 2020 weddings due to the pandemic will take their vows between now and August, and as wedding season ramps up and party numbers increase, wedding planners should look to our new range luxury that includes the limited edition Bubinga Kewazinga.

We selected this wood from Bubinga trees, which is popular in fine furniture design and often used to make musical instruments.

At Bark & Rock we are one of the only workshops in the UK making high-end journals and guestbooks from natural materials by hand. Director, Luke Gosling, explains: “Focusing our journals and notebooks on the world’s best and unusual woods allows us to offer a truly luxury product perfect for weddings and places where guestbooks are signed and memories are noted, such as at hotels and museums.

“Working with these wood veneers is like working on a piece of art. No two pieces are the same. Each of our guestbooks are made to order and last a lifetime too.”

Bark & Rock also offer bespoke inlaying and each guestbook can include engravings on silver plated or 24-Carat gold plaques, to make it truly personalised for the bride and groom and comes with either plain or lined paper.

Prices for the guestbooks start at £250. See our range here or call 0208 941 3481.

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