The Art of Inlaying: Make your luxury wooden journal truly bespoke and personal

From sailing and cocktails to animals depicting hobbies and even favourite fruit (our owner loves bananas!), we have been working on intricate detailing of our Bark & Rock journals and notebooks made from exquisite wood veneers.

Our inlaid designs on our bespoke journals use similar marquetry techniques that are commonly worked into the production of decorative furniture. Think bureaux, coffee tables and even delicate flooring. Inlaying is where pieces of coloured wood and even precious metals or diamonds are inserted into the surface of the main wood pieces.

For our luxury notebooks we use two or more types of wood, cutting out intricate details in our wood veneers, then by using specialist techniques we design personalised images laying each section by hand.

A selection can be seen in our ‘in stock’ shop. For example, take our Eclipse design journal that showcases our handmade craftsmanship. This book includes an abstract eclipse marquetry design using Bubinga Kewazinga, Amboyna and Olive Ash veneers. We can also dye our bespoke books such as our fish notebook, for those who like fishing. It is made from distinctive Oak Cobalt Blue and Birch Wild Burr so its contrasting colours are sure to make any home office pop!


Creating our bespoke inlays


Adding to our inlaid notebooks and journals is the mix of woods we work with here at Bark & Rock ensuring that we can really offer a bespoke and personalised service. We use over 40 types of wood veneer and are sourced from different cuts such as the crown cut, quarter cut and rotary cut.  Each cut creates a different appearance and reveals the unique beauty within the wood, an excellent example of this is the wonderful figure and pomelle grain patterns. When adding layers, mixing two or three different veneers can make for a special, luxury gift.

Wood inlays are created by our craftsman, Tamas Gal using intricate carvings. Tamas says: “The inlayed books are my favourite to make because they are totally unique. If there are any designs you would like to see then do get in contact with us and we will develop and design your bespoke journal with you, so you can be sure you are getting a personalised service.”

Each of our inlaid, bespoke wood journals are made to order and can be filled and re-filled with either journal, plain or lined FSC certified paper.

Shop our in stock, inlaid designs here or contact us to see how we can work together here.

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