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Bark & Rock launches The Walnut Burr journal

During quarantine many people, conscious of their ever-increasing screen-time, turned to traditional hobbies such as journaling. The Royal Mail even reported that one in five Brits were ordering stationery in a bid to be more creative. As a luxury stationery company, Bark & Rock continued to handmake our journals in our Surrey workshop where the sales of our high-quality journals and bespoke notebooks were still in demand.

Behind the bark in our beautiful journals


With strict social-distancing measures in place we began the search for a luxury wooden gift item to make a beautiful journal, sourcing the Walnut Burr veneer, favoured with expensive car manufacturers. We launched the Walnut Burr in June. The B5-sized edition is made from the burr of the Walnut tree, in a growth normally found in the root system offering wonderful wood grain patterns.

The walnut veneer is only extracted once the tree has passed its peak nut harvesting when the tree is cut down and replaced with a new one. This veneer is not cut from a log but rather sliced into very thin sheets around 0.6mm thick, so it is more sustainable.

Creating our bespoke handcrafted notebooks


Luke Gosling, Bark & Rock Director, comments: “We source the veneer from the UK and make all our books from hand. It takes our craftsman four days to make a bespoke notebook from start to finish.

“This wood is full of holes and knots, originally caused by insects and fugal attack, so it can be a challenge to work with. The final finish is worth it because no two books are the same due to the natural nature of the wood.”

Each made to order Walnut Burr B5 book can come with either journal, plain or lined FSC certified paper, and it lasts a lifetime with the choice to buy refill pages.

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