Bark & Rock's top Five Luxury Gifts for Men

If you’re wondering what expensive gifts for men are available this Christmas then look no further than our Bark & Rock refillable notebooks. Choosing a gift for men can be hard at the best of times, especially when you’re looking for a luxury gift that can be unique and a future heirloom. After all there’s only so many socks you can gift! And with the year we’ve all had we want to make 2021 as memorable as possible, so gifting a bespoke notebook is a great way to keep track and journal.

Luxury wooden gifts handmade at Bark & Rock come in several sizes and veneers and combine nature and craftsmanship. The handmade journals made from wood and stone take up to four days to be created and last a lifetime. Each luxury journal comes with either plain or lined FSC certified paper.

We’ve put together our luxury gifts for men list, perfect for guys with expensive taste.

For the fashion stylist

Bark & Rock Ebony Amara Wood Luxury Journal

What do you get for the man who has everything? Well, the Ebony Amara is part of the limited edition, wooden journal range from Bark & Rock. Its exquisite wood is taken from the Indian Ebony or Ceylon Ebony trees native to Southern India and Sri Lanka. This wood is noted for its heavy fine-grained heartwood which ranges in colour from densely dark shades of black through to warm browns. The patterns form stripes in varying widths.

Priced from £200


For the highflyer

Bark & Rock Bubinga Kewazinga Wood Luxury Journal

Bubinga Kewazinga wood originates from Equatorial Africa and is a limited edition, sourced from old and rare stock. The exotic wood is reminiscent of rosewood and ranges from pink-red to a darker red-brown in colour with hues of violets and black. The sapwood is a paler yellow colour that creates a striking contrast. This wood is usually used for fine furniture making and for musical instruments, so perfect if you are looking for that luxury wooden gift.

Priced from £220


For the classic car enthusiast

Bark & Rock Walnut Burr Luxury Wood Journal

The Walnut Burr makes for a beautiful journal made from the same veneer as the dashboards in a Bentley. The burr of the tree comes from a growth normally found in the root system, offering wonderful wood grain patterns. Its veneer is only extracted once the tree has passed its peak nut harvesting. This wooden journal range was launched earlier this year, you can read more about it here.


For the traditionalist

Bark & Rock Oak Cluster Luxury Wood Journal

For those who want a more traditional wood Bark & Rock’s Oak Cluster features distinctive classical swirls with intricate burr areas laced in hay to almond tones. The wood for these journals comes from either Europe, Asia or north America, where the trees reach heights of more than 40 metres. The wood for these bespoke notebooks is highly prized worldwide for its resilience, strength and beauty.

Priced from £250


Truly British Gentleman

Bark & Rock Brown Oak Burr Luxury Wood Journal

The Brown Oak Burr wood can only be found around the M25 of England in the Home Counties. This wood is cut from logs that have been affected by an unusual bracket fungus commonly known as ‘beefsteak’ due to its livid, red colour. The infected wood develops brown rot, which darkens its tone, provided its harvested from the wild before the rot sets in fully, this timber is turned into highly sought-after veneer. These are popular due to its classic patterning combined with a salvage and naturally recycled appeal.

Priced from £250.


Special editions of our personalised wooden notebooks can include silver and 24-Carat gold personalisation and wood inlaying.

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